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Gioacchino Assereto


Gioacchino Assereto Painting - Saint Anthony Of Padua With The Christ Child by Gioacchino Assereto

Saint Anthony Of Padua With The Christ Child

Moses and the water from the stone

Phocion refuses the gifts of Alexander the Great

Death of Cato

Ecce Homo

The Finding of Moses

Isaac Blessing Jacob

Mocking of Job

Moses Drawing Water from the Rock


Tobias Healing the Blindness of His Father

The Philistines Gouging out Samson's Eyes

Samson and Delilah

David with the Head of Goliath

Saint Marc the Evangelist

Diogenes and Alexander

The dormition of Saint Joseph - Death of St Joseph

The Sacrifice of Isaac

The martyrdom of Saint Bartolomeus


Saint Anthony and Saint Francis

Circe Mulling Wine

The Mocking of Christ


St. Anne, St. Joachim, St. John the Baptist and Christ

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Famous Artists - Moses and the water from the stone by Gioacchino Assereto

Moses and the water...

Gioacchino Assereto

Gioacchino Assereto (1600 – 28 June 1649) was an Italian painter of the early Baroque period, active in Genoa.He initially apprenticed with Luciano Borzone and later Giovanni Andrea Ansaldo. He painted two vault frescoes in the church of Santissima Annunziata del Vastato: David and Abimelech and Santi Giovanni and Pietro healing the lame. He also shows the influence of Bernardo Strozzi, a tenebrism moderated by venetian coloristic effects and garbing the subjects in modern peasant garb, in paintings such as Moses obtaining water from the Rock (Prado Museum, Madrid). Orazio de’ Ferrari may have worked with Assereto in Ansaldo’s studio.

Paintings by Gioacchino Assereto can also be seen at the Detroit Institute of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest,Hungary.


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