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Elisha (/ɨˈlaɪʃə/;[1] Hebrew: אֱלִישָׁע, Modern Elisha, Tiberian ʼĔlîšāʻ ; "My God is salvation", Greek: Ἐλισσαῖος, Elissaîos or Ἐλισαιέ, Elisaié, Arabic: اليسع Al-yasaʻ) is a prophet and a wonder-worker mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, the Quran, the Ginza Rba and Bahá'í writings.[2] His name is commonly transliterated into English as Elisha via Hebrew, Eliseus via Greek and Latin, or Alyasa via Arabic, Elyesa via Turkish. He was a disciple of Elijah and after Elijah was taken up into the whirlwind, Elisha was accepted as the leader of the sons of the prophets.

Elisha and Gehazi, Lambert Jacobsz

Elisha and Gehazi, Lambert Jacobsz

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