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El Greco Museum, Toledo

Apostle St Peter, El Greco

Apostle St Andrew, El Greco

Apostle St James the Greater, El Greco

Apostle St John the Evangelist, El Greco

Apostle St Philip, El Greco

Apostle St Bartholomew, El Greco

Apostle St Matthew, El Greco

Apostle St Thomas, El Greco

Apostle St James the Less, El Greco

Apostle St Thaddeus (Jude), El Greco

Apostle St Simon, El Greco

Apostle St Paul, El Greco

Christ as Saviour, El Greco

View and Plan of Toledo, El Greco

Diego de Covarrubias, El Greco

St Francis and Brother Rufus, El Greco

Saint Bernardino, El Greco

The El Greco Museum (in Spanish: Museo del Greco[1]) is located in Toledo, Spain. It celebrates the mannerist painter El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos, 1541–1614), who spent much of his life in Toledo, having been born in Fodele, Crete.

The museum opened in 1911 and is located in the Jewish Quarter of Toledo.[2] It consists of two buildings, a 16th-century house with a courtyard and an early 20th century building forming the museum, together with a garden. The house recreates the home of El Greco, which no longer exists. The museum houses many artworks by El Greco, especially from his late period.[3] There are also paintings by other 17th-century Spanish artists, as well as furniture from the period and pottery from Talavera de la Reina in the Province of Toledo.

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