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Dieter Aschenborn (15 November 1915 in Okahandja, Namibia - September 2002 in Windhoek, Namibia) was a Namibian painter. He was the son of the animal painter Hans Aschenborn. Dieter's son Uli Aschenborn is also a renowned artist in Southern Africa.


At the age of six he moved with his family from Namibia (at that time South West Africa) to Stellenbosch in South Africa and shortly thereafter to Kiel, Germany. Later Dieter Aschenborn returned to South Africa to work as a farmer. In the second World War he was interned. After the war Aschenborn became the first gamewarden of the Etosha National Park till 1952. In the park he developed his leather paintings which earned him a reputation in southern Africa. He moved to Windhoek and he was able from now on to live entirely from his art.

Aschenborn is especially known as an animal painter of African wildlife. He made himself also a name with drawings and sculptures, especially reliefs cut out of wood, which together with murals of his decorate several public buildings in Namibia. He also designed postage stamps for Namibia.

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