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Claudio José Vicente Antolínez


Ecstasy of St. Magdalena

The Immaculate Conception

Portrait of a Girl

Portrait of a Girl

Immaculate Conception

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Famous Artists - Ecstasy of St Magdalena by Jose Claudio Antolinez

Ecstasy of St...

Jose Claudio Antolinez

José Claudio Antolinez (1635 – 30 May 1675) was a Spanish painter of the Baroque period.
CAntolinez was born and died in Madrid. He received his early training at the studio of Francisco Rizi. His '"haughty character and sarcastic personality gained him many enemies among his contemporaries". Some note he played maddening jokes on his colleagues Claudio Coello and Cabezalero as well as Itizi, whom he called painter of wall ornaments, in allusion to the latter's decoration of the hall of comedies in the Palace of Buen Retiro; but also impelled likely by his jealousy at lacking the same skill. Antolinez also painted religious paintings.

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