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Christoph Amberger


The wife of Jörg Zürer, at the age of 28

Jörg Zürer

Portrait of Christoph Baumgartner

Portrait of Christoph Fugger

Portrait of the cosmographer Sebastian Munzer

Portrait of a woman

Portrait of a man

Christoph Amberger Painting - Profile Portrait Of A Gentlemen by Christoph Amberger

Profile Portrait Of A Gentlemen

Christoph Amberger Painting - Portrait Of Barbara Schwarz by Christoph Amberger

Portrait Of Barbara Schwarz


Farmer couple talking

Portrait of Emperor Charles V.

Portrait of Emperor Charles V.

Portrait of Empress Elisabeth

Sleigh ride of King Ferdinand

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Famous Artists - Jorg Zurer by Christoph Amberger

Jorg Zurer

Christoph Amberger

Christoph Amberger (c. 1505 – 1562) was a painter of Augsburg in the 16th century, a disciple of Hans Holbein, his principal work being the history of Joseph in twelve pictures.


Amberger used to visit Ausburg every year as some powerful men gathered there then. There the artist painted portraits of such men as Fugger, Peutinger, Frundsberg and Caesar Carl V. He travelled to Northern Italy and Venice between 1525 and 1527. He died in Augsburg.
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Lexikon över äldre konst, Raben & Sjögrens, 1959, Stockholm Sweden

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