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Marriage at Cana, Wedding at Cana

Cana Painting - The Marriage At Cana by Gaetano Gandolfi

The Marriage At Cana, Gaetano Gandolfi

Cana Painting - The Marriage At Cana by Mattia Preti

The Marriage At Cana, Mattia Preti

Cana Painting - The Marriage Feast At Cana by Frans Francken the Younger

The Marriage Feast At Cana, Frans Francken the Younger

Cana Painting - The Wedding In Cana by Ambrosius Benson

The Wedding In Cana, Ambrosius Benson

Cana Painting - The Wedding At Cana by Niels Larsen Stevns

The Wedding At Cana, Niels Larsen Stevns

Wedding at Cana, Gerard David

Wedding at Cana, Sebastiano Ricci

Wedding at Cana , detail, Sebastiano Ricci

Wedding at Cana, Paolo Veronese

Wedding at Cana, Paolo Veronese

Arena Chapel : The Wedding at Cana and Lamentation, Giotto di Bondone

Arena Chapel : Wedding at Cana , detail, Giotto di Bondone

The Marriage at Cana, Marten de Vos

The Marriage at Cana, Quentin Varin

The Marriage at Cana, Denys Calvaert

The Wedding at Cana, Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld

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