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Agnes Dean Abbatt (1847-1917) of New York was the second female member of the American Watercolor Society.

Agnes Dean Abbatt

Agnes Dean Abbatt, 1893


She was born in 1847 to an established American family.

Hillside Landscape 1893

In 1873 she studied at the Cooper Union art school and on the basis of her work she was admitted to the National Academy of Design. She was a pupil of the landscape artists James D. Smillie and Robert Swain Gifford. She exhibited regularly. She was known for painting flowers and landscapes, and coastal views of New York, Maine, and Massachusetts.[1]

Abbatt also taught and amongst her private pupils was the Cincinnati born Claude Hirst.[2]


A Woman of the Century, 1893
Neal, Christine Crafts (Spring–Summer 2002). "Claude Raguet Hirst: Her [Still] Life Story". Woman's Art Journal. 23 (1): 11–16. doi:10.2307/1358962. JSTOR 1358962.

Artist, USA


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